Thomas J. Schandy

Survey & Cargo Control

Thomas J. Schandy is qualified by Lloyd’s to assist and carry out surveys in the following areas:

Cargo Surveys

  • Surveys on CIF consignments covered by policies issued by international Insurance companies and which arrive damaged &/or with shortage to destination, ascertaining the extent, nature and probably cause of loss, obtaining repair estimates, taking photographs and issuing a Lloyd’s International Survey Report (Spanish or English) to send to the Insurance Company and/or the Applicant.
  • Survey on cargo for export. Survey of the consignment according to the requests of the importer/consignee from abroad according to the L/C clauses, its conditions and packaging at exporters’ or bonded warehouses.
  • Survey on cargo with quantity/quality difference, not necessarily under the coverage of the policy of insurance.

Shipment and Pre-Shipment Surveys

Survey of goods and certification of quantity, quality, packing, condition, marks and numbers, lashing, etc. during stuffing and/or loading operations.

Container Surveys

Certification on general condition of containers, certification of worthiness for loading different goods, as necessary.

Sampling and analysis of goods in accordance with the requirements of exporters/importers, local and from abroad, upon any type/kind of goods.
Packing surveys
Survey the packing of the cargoes for export and/or import.  See that they comply with the Uruguayan or foreign importers’ requests, checking the specifications or clauses or conditions of the Letter of Credit, whatever necessary.
Condition Surveys
Condition of vessels, pleasure yachts, warehouses, industries, manufacturing plants upon renewal of the Insurance Policies or new covers upon acquisition or selling of the premises, at the request of Underwriters/Insurance Companies and/or Owners upon renewal of coverage.
Adjustment and Settlement of Claims
Adjustment and settlement of claims under insurance coverage or in respect of recoveries against liable third parties.  Only 200 of the more than 400 Lloyd’s Agencies worldwide have been appointed as Claims Settling Agents, amongst which Thomas J. Schandy Ltd is included.
Recoveries Against Liable Third Parties
Advice and assistance, presentation of claim, recovery from liable third parties, as well as study, investigate and assist in respect of recoveries received from third parties.
Surveys on Vessels’ Hull and Machinery (motor, cruise, fishing vessels and yachts/pleasure boats)
Survey hull and/or machinery the extent of damage, report on cause of loss, following repair works, taking photographs and issuing a Lloyd’s International Survey report (Spanish or English) to send to Underwriters, Owners and/or the Applicant.

Surveys on Holds and Sealing of Hatches
Certification of clean hold and/or ready for loading according to specifications of exporter, control of loaded goods and sealing of hatches.
Draft Surveys on Vessels Prior and After Loading
Control of vessels draft prior and after loading/discharge operations and control of goods loaded/discharged on/off vessels (goods in bulk).
On-hire and Off-hire Surveys
Certification of condition of vessel upon delivery for/to hire.
Survey on private aircrafts in connection with coverage renewal, new coverage and due to accidents. Investigation of extent and cause of damage.
Survey on condition of warehouses, manufacturing plants, buildings, etc. prior to obtaining insurance coverage and/or upon renewal of same.
Travelers Accidents / Illness
Assistance to travelers with injuries/sickness, liaising with medical unit, follow up of condition of the patient with the physician in charge and reporting to our Principals.
Advice and Assistance
In our capacity as Lloyd’s Agents as well as P&I Correspondents we give advice and assistance to companies in respect of losses/damages occurred to importation goods, claims received from Importers, Exporters, Port and Bonded Warehouses, Cargo Handling facilities, Port Operators, Haulers, etc.
International Assistance Through the Lloyd’s Agency Network
Provide the maritime market with assistance and/or a wide range of surveying services in any part of the world through the Lloyds Agency System which is a worldwide network of more than 400 companies in all Ports of the World.

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